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What is Vision Restoration Therapy?

VRT is a Component of Vision Rehabilitation After Stroke or Brain Injury

VRTimageNovaVision® Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT) is a home-based program performed in the comfort of your home on a computer device. During a 30-minute session, you will focus on a central point on the device screen and respond whenever you see a light stimulus appear. The light stimuli positions are custom created by NovaVision according to your area of visual field loss that has a high improvement potential. Every month we receive the results of the therapy and our clinicians will analyze the data and customize the individual therapy adjustments to the achieved progress. Generally it is recommended that patients complete 6 months of twice-daily therapy, however, everyone responds differently to therapy.

As any type of rehabilitation, after a stroke or brain injury, regular practice is important and with Vision Restoration Therapy a patient can actually enhance visual field loss if done persistently by an average of 5°. In a retrospective study, 88% of VRT patients have mentioned receiving at least one significant benefit as a result of performing VRT, such as improved reading, mobility, and social comfortability¹. VRT can help recover Hemianopia, Quadrantanopia and, Scotoma type of vision loss, which are common after a stroke or TBI.

No Stone Unturned

image bookBart Goldstein was only sixteen in 2001 when he suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a car accident. No Stone Unturned is the saga of Bart’s struggle to regain his life. Told from his father’s point of view, the book chronicles the family’s ordeal, and flashbacks fill in Bart’s life since he arrived from Korea at the age of five months. Considering every possibility in their search for remedies to Bart’s catastrophic injuries, the Goldsteins explored several promising alternatives, including craniosacral, hyperbaric oxygen, sensory learning, and vision restoration therapies. Bart’s remarkable recovery resulted from a combination of conventional medicine and alternative and emerging therapies.


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