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NovaVision, Inc.

NovaVision, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Vycor Medical, Inc., is based in Boca Raton, Fla., and develops medical devices based on its platform technology which uses the eyes as conduits to deliver light-based stimuli to the brain for treatment of a variety of conditions that may respond to such stimulation.

The first application of NovaVision's platform technology is referred to as Vision Restoration Therapy, or VRT. VRT is specifically developed for patients who suffer from a visual field deficit resulting from a neurological trauma caused by either stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI). VRT is currently offered at leading neurological, eye and rehabilitation centers nationwide and can be prescribed by any eye doctor, neurologist or physiatrist. NovaVision additionally provides devices that aid in the diagnosis of visual field defects: an Inpatient Device for assessment and therapeutic use in rehabilitation centers, and the NovaVision HMP™, a portable and ADA-compliant Head Mounted Perimeter to screen for visual field defects.

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