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I am a Stroke or TBI Patient.

Every forty seconds someone has a stroke and there are approximately 8 million stroke survivors in the United States alone. Up to 30% of these experience a resultant vision disorder, up to 20% permanently. Many patients have received little hope from their doctors that this will ever change! Until now. NovaVision has the only FDA-cleared vision restoration therapy in the United States and also provides a complementary vision compensation therapy in one therapy suite.

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Stroke patient that lost vision and could benefit from NovaVision's therapies
Doctors who can help stroke patients recover eyesight with NovaVision

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Vision loss from stroke and TBI has been a big unaddressed issue, each year, 600,000 new people suffer from vision disorders due to stroke or TBI.

The current core therapy areas are speech, physical and occupational. NovaVision focuses on the critical missing therapy which is vision, and provides a range of compensation and restoration therapy offerings for both patients and medical professionals.

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Vision Restoration Therapy

This is the only therapy that provides actual improvement in the range or sensitivity of the patient’s field of vision. NovaVision’s VRT repeatedly activates dormant neurons that do not function properly in areas of partial injury (“transition zones”), strengthening the residual vision and neuronal networks. Repetitive stimulation has proven effective in the recovery of other functions such as movements of lower limbs after stroke. NovaVision provides it’s internet-delivered, at-home computer based VRT in a therapy suite with its complementary NeuroEyeCoach vision compensation therapy.

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Vision Compensation Therapy

Using saccadic training, patients are trained to rapidly and continuously scan their surroundings in order to direct their gaze toward the blind field, bringing the previously unseen objects within their sighted field. NovaVision’s NeuroEyeCoach re-trains a patient to move their eyes, re-integrate left and right vision and to make the most of their remaining visual field. NovaVision provides its internet-delivered, at-home computer based NeuroEyeCoach in a therapy suite with its complementary VRT vision restoration therapy as well as on it own.

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