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NovaVision provides non-invasive, computer-based vision solutions targeted at a substantial and largely un-addressed market of people who have lost their sight as a result of Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury (neurological brain damage).

NovaVision has a family of therapies that both restore lost vision and help to compensate for lost vision and which complement each other to maximize patient benefit. NovaVision’s therapies are clinically supported by decades of scientific research.

  • NovaVision Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT)

    VRT is a restitution or restoration therapy designed to improve visual sensitivity in the previously blind zones by using light to stimulate the border between the “seeing” and “blind” visual fields. NovaVision VRT is the only 510(k) cleared therapy targeted at the restitution of this type of vision loss and is available in the US and the EU.

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  • NovaVision NeuroEyeCoach

    NeuroEyeCoach is a complementary therapy to VRT and NeET which re-trains ability of a patient to move their eyes, re-integrate left and right vision and to make the most of their remaining visual field. NeuroEyeCoach is currently available in the US.

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